An Agri-Resort situated between Monferrato Alessandrino, Langa Astigiana and the Ligurian inland.

Tenuta Valdorso Agri-Resort is a charming estate for farm holidays that holds the prestigious five sunflowers certification, equivalent to a five-star hotel rating.

This typical piedmontese farmstead, which has been totally renovated to the highest of standards, is surrounded by 6 hectars of lush, untouched land and has become a place where our guests have the chance to escape from the chaos of everyday life by enjoying nature in its most intimate and wild aspects, without having to give up the comfort, attention and pampering that make for an unforgettable stay.

The starting points to your must live experience with us here at Tenuta Valdorso are our designer rooms, our romantic, candlelit restaurant, and without a doubt our summer pool complete with a spacious relaxation area.

Whether it's a one-day getaway or a holiday that lasts several weeks, a special event or any other type of occasion, Valdorso’s staff considers the well-being and satisfaction of its guests the ultimate goal to aim for.

Tailor-made holidays for emotions to be experienced

  • A romantic holiday immersed in nature
  • A full-time outdoor sports holiday
  • A place where good food and good wine
  • An opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline of sports competitions
  • All events and festivals in the area at your fingertips
  • The wellbeing of the spas in the spas nearby
  • A journey to discover the medieval villages
  • A walk in the woods to enjoy nature

Tenuta Valdorso’s Staff will be at the utmost disposal of its guests to organize Tailor-made Holidays.

Montechiaro d’Acqui is a small town situated in the southern part of the Piedmont region. The surrounding hilly territory is lush and vibrant: the perfect place for sportsmen and women who love outdoor life, going for walks in between the breathtaking gullies, hiking and going on bike rides (whether you ride a mountain bike or prefer the ease of an e-bike!).

Acqui Terme and the nearby medieval villages are the perfect solution for a romantic getaway: after a morning spent walking around places filled with history and tradition, you can make a trip to the hotsprings, or spend an afternoon shopping at the wonderful "Serravalle Designer Outlet",

Monferrato is a food and wine paradise: wine, cheese, truffles, mushrooms and countless other culinary delicacies are a unique setting for an unforgettable holiday.

Respect for nature and focus on details

Tenuta Valdorso is also a farm: We-Farmproduces saffron, wine, fruit and vegetables in the vast, hilly terrain surrounding the main hospitality building.

Our genuine products, together with other choice, local products that we purchase, allow us to prepare and serve them in our We-Food Restaurant on-site at Tenuta Valdorso the same day, which means our guests have a new menu every day to choose from.

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Is also used in Chinese medicine for menorragia  and amenrrhea and in Indian medicine for bronchitis sore throat, fever and vomiting.
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